Monday, November 28, 2011

Honor Your Midwife

We are Honoring Midwives this Christmas.

Thank you for your dedicated service to families and the exceptional care you provide all year long, even during the holidays.  Your sacrifices are appreciated.

MS Midwife Jazmin Price, $10 was donated in your honor.

MS Midwife Donna Mitchell, $10 was donated in your honor.

AZ Midwife Maryn Leister, $10 was donated in your honor.

SD Unnamed Midwife, $10 was donated in your honor.

LA Midwife Emmy Trammell, $20 was donated in your honor. 

TN Midwifery group: Kim Mosny, Melissa Stallings, Martina Benson and their apprentices Corinne Jackson and Missy Padgett, $25 was donated in your honor.

MS Midwife Norma Clark, $75 was donated in your honor.

MS Midwife Renata Hillman, $95 was donated in your honor.

Make a donation to MS Friends of Midwives in honor of YOUR Midwife and we will send her a beautiful hand written Christmas card letting her know how appreciated she is.

The midwife who receives the most donations in her name will be treated to "Christmas Dinner on Us" including home made dessert.

Midwives provide longer prenatal visits, more childbirth education, and support from early labor all the way through postpartum care and all for less money.  They make sacrifices to provide this level of personal care.  During the Holiday Season, as we pull our children close and celebrate the joys of family, midwives are providing that exceptional level of care.  Undoubtedly, babies are born on Christmas - and midwives are there to care for those mothers and babies.

Tell your Midwife how much she means to you by making a donation in her honorAll donations will be used to support the mission of promoting midwifery as a safe and legal childbirth option in Mississippi.

Click on the "Donate" button to the left to say Merry Christmas - all donations, no matter how small are greatly appreciated. The winner of the "Christmas dinner" will be determined based on donations made by midnight, December 19, 2011.  If there is a tie, the winner will be chosen at random.

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  1. Thank you very much for honoring the work of the TN midwives who travel into MS to serve families there! I appreciate being honored, although I have moved to Richmond VA and no longer serve TN & MS. Martina Benson (Full Circle Midwifery); Amy Stewart-Banbury (Trillium WomanCare); and Lynda Hoskins (Chosen Births Midwifery) are all CPMs serving the Memphis, TN area and northern MS.