Monday, January 3, 2011

The Heart of Midwifery

One of the most dedicated forces behind our legislative push is certified professional midwife, Renata Hillman.  She has been serving families in Mississippi since 1981 and will hopefully, continue to do so for years to come. This post is an article she wrote and it speaks so clearly as to the importance of allowing women to have the option of midwifery care.

The Heart of Midwifery
 How do you explain to someone that has never held their newborn immediately after the birth; the importance of continuity of care that a midwife gives?

How do you recapture those first minutes of family life?

It is nearly impossible…..

Holistic care provided by a skilled, competent midwife is a process most people know little to nothing about. It is so different from the routine care the general public receives in a hurried medical environment.
It is knowing, personally, your caregiver.
But even more, it is being known by that same caregiver.
She knows:
-Your individual needs
- Your nutritional patterns and therefore, how to counsel you in nutritional needs
- Your birth history and what you did or didn’t understand or like
-Your birth plans and desires
A Certified Professional Midwife knows how to care for a healthy, well-educated, low risk expectant Mother. She knows how to assess for complications and how to manage them or refer them to a specific care provider outside of her practice. She knows how to guide the Mother and Family through pregnancy, birth, and the period after the birth.
All of this to accomplish, not a routine birth, but the birth the Mother desired to have; respecting the Family’s rights, wishes, and plans while providing thorough, competent, considerate care.
Midwives are still a respected caregiver all across the globe for the expectant Mother.
American families are returning to the traditional caregiver for their maternity care once again
Renata Hillman
Certified Professional Midwife
Serving Mississippi Families since 1981

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